Special Orders
Blackhawk Metal Works has been asked the same question many times before; "Can you do special orders?" Yes
we can do special orders, all that we require is a picture, dimensions, and we will get back to you with all the rest
such as pricing, and time it will take. Below you will find pictures of special orders we have had. Take a moment to
consider all of the possibilities, if we can turn an antique bed frame into a bench, think of what we can do for you.
Pictured here is one of our special orders of
an antique bed frame that was turned into a
bench. Amazing talent and skill the only thing
we provided was the circle stars. Another
piece of amazing custom built art from
Blackhawk Metal Works.
This is a yard sign that was made for a retired
electrical worker.
A while back we had a rancher ask if we could make a
sign to hang from his gate. With a little creativity from the
rancher and his wife we made a wonderful sign that is
now hanging from their gate with pride.
We have made signs and done custom art
Seen above.     
We custom made a branding iron for this
caterer, which works really well as displayed
above. The caterers site can be reached at the
link below:
One of our customers came up with a unique
Father's Day gift for her husband and we were
able to fulfill her wish. A Buzzard Weather Vane!
What an interesting  gift; imagine the
For more specialty items click here.
A local company in Waco, Texas needed a part for a
project they were working on, made of 3/8" thick A36
steel. They also needed it by the next day and we were
happy to provide the part pictured below to their
specifications and on time.
Interested in ordering something visit our Contact
Page to email or call us!
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