Blackhawk Metal Works was established in July 2002.  
Dave and Shirley Packebush are the owners and
operators of this unique enterprise.

Our mission is quality metal art and we also specialize in
custom designs to create something special for you.
Are you looking for the unique or unusual gift? Note that
our art is cut out of thicker metal (10 gauge)than most of
the other art on the market (16 or 18 gauge). This makes
our art sturdier and longer lasting for indoor or outdoor

In the recent years we have acquired the talent of making
bubblewands from recycled copper and brass. We have
also added pewter to the line-up of metal products we
currently offer.

Contact us and we will work with you to create something
unusual for you.
Please call us at (254)694-5285 or (254)580-5587 for
more information.
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